[RPG] Is healing by fire possible


I know this exact question was asked for 5e but I play 3.5 which has more options so I'm wondering if there's a way for a player character to heal from fire, similar to an Iron Golem. It doesn't matter if it's a spell, template, magic item, etc. Just so long as, instead of taking damage from fire, the character would heal hit points instead.

Is healing by fire possible?

Best Answer

First of all it is worth to mention that an Iron Golem only heals from fire spells, not regular fire. Still it is possible to somehow "heal from fire".

A feat Healing flames from Races of Faerun allows a fire genasi or a tanarukk to heal by touching a source of fire, with ammount depending on its size.

A soulmeld Phoenix belt from Magic of Incarnum, grants fast healing 1 for 1 round for every point of damage negated by your fire resistance.

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