[RPG] Is it common for D&D characters be moved to or reused in different DMs’ campaigns


When you've played a character for a while and have invested a lot of time building this character up, seeing the campaign end, losing your group by moving to a different city, or otherwise leaving your group leaves the character without a home.

Is the character just finished, or can you continue to play them in another campaign with a different DM? Is it common for DMs let you bring in a character from another DM's campaign like this? (If so, what's to keep people from simply creating a strong, high level character, taking it to a new game, and saying they've been playing it up to that level?)

Best Answer

The classic answer applies here as well: it depends.

Sometimes, campaigns suggest that players start at a certain level, so the players are allowed to bring characters in that are made at that level. If the DM accepts a character that has been in previous campaigns and built up to this level, then obviously it's fair game to use it. If not, then there's not much to say - you'll have to reroll.

Obviously, campaigns can end abruptly for various reasons, and even successful ones can leave characters at awkward levels with stories yet to tell. A good DM will be willing to make something work. Other times, you'll have to accept that the character is going to sleep in a file folder for a very long time.

tl;dr - Work with your DM, he's the be-all-end-all of the game state. Good ones tend to allow you to do stuff that makes it fun for everyone - and if that means "importing" characters, so be it.

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