[RPG] Is it feasible to play a Grung character in the Descent into Avernus adventure


The Grung race has the Water Dependency aspect that requires they spend an hour each day immersed in water.

I don't know much about the Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus campaign but I get the sense there may not be much water in hell.

Could a I reasonably play a Grung character without some sort of homebrew allowance for Water Dependency? Or would a Grung character shrivel up and die of exhaustion pretty quickly?

Best Answer

There are a few ways, as long as you carried around something to immerse yourself in

Firstly, you would need to carry around a box/bathtub/container/coffin large enough for you to immerse yourself in. When taking a short of long rest you can then fill it up with some of the below options:

Using the Decanter of Endless Water you could fill it with water most likely using the Stream or Fountain options:

  • "Stream" produces 1 gallon of water.
  • "Fountain" produces 5 gallons of water.

How you acquire the Decanter is another question though, so you would need to ask your DM if you could reasonably have found/purchased one ahead of time. Since that the campaign apparently starts characters off at level 1, it may be a hard sell.

As Miniman mentioned you could also use Create or Destroy Water which is a 1st level spell available to Clerics and Druids. You can use it to:

Create up to 10 gallons of clean water within range in an open container.