[RPG] Is it obvious to an opponent that a Barbarian has entered Rage


I had a look around but couldn't find an answer to this.
Is it obvious when a Barbarian begins to Rage? A canny opponent might know of a Barbarian's rage ability and therefore, if they determine the Barbarian is indeed raging, employ strategies that make the Rage fade i.e. not attacking and using terrain, movement, etc to not let the Barbarian do any damage.

Is this possible to determine?

Best Answer


The rage feature only states that "you fight with primal ferocity". The player could describe this in a number of ways: The character could launch him/herself into battle screaming maniacally or fight with a cold focus that hides an inner boiling anger.

I believe how obvious this is would be up to the DM, but bear in mind that concepts such as class and level are merely tools to enable the rules and have no meaning in the game (at least as directly relates to appearance).

If some person isn't wearing heavy armour (and a fighter may not be wearing heavy armour due to preference, affordability or because they are attending a royal banquet) then how do you tell if they are a fighter or a barbarian? If they are wearing heavy armour then how do you tell if they are a fighter or a cleric (unless they cast a spell)? And so on.

Of course, keeping clear of a very angry or focused individual intent on cutting you in half with an axe is possibly a wise course of action in any case.

Other features may be more obvious in-game: A barbarian's reckless attack is clearly representative of the character going 'all-out' but leaving themselves open to attack in return. But it would be a DM call (possibly based on the intelligence of the opponent) on exactly how that affects tactics without getting "meta"