[RPG] Is it possibile to have an intelligence score of 45?


I am wondering if it is possibile to reach the +17 modifier on an ability score. I am mainly keen on wizards, so I would like to know how it is possibile to reach 44/45 in Intelligence. At the moment i managed to reach 41, using magic items and bonuses of which I have knowledge of, but I guess I need your help.

The following are the bonuses I managed to find (at the moment I am considering a level 20th wizard)

  • First of all, we start with a 20 in Intelligence (18 on the dice +2 of racial bonus)
  • Extra ability score points from leveling up (4,8,12,16,20) so +5.
  • Headband of Vast Intelligence (+6).
  • Cast Wish 5 times, increasing the score of +1 each time (+5)
  • Read the Tome of Clear Thought (the most expensive one) to have another +5.

Total:20+5+6+5+5 = 41

So this is what I've found. I am not concerned with the prices of the magic items or spells because actually I am not playing such a wizard. I am merely curious about how can a score like that be achieved.

Best Answer

There are three other ways I know to increase intelligence.

The first is to convince/bargain with a Succubus to grant you a profane gift; this gives the character a +2 ability bonus to an attribute of their choice for as long as the Succubus wants it to last.

The other is to be old. Aging effects include intelligence, charisma and wisdom increases, middle, old and venerable age giving +1 to each mental stat for a total of +3, But this has a str/con/dex attribute loss. (My emphasis below)

With age, a character's physical ability scores decrease and his mental ability scores increase (see Table: Aging Effects). The effects of each aging step are cumulative. However, none of a character's ability scores can be reduced below 1 in this way.

The third is to become a Lich; which gives a +2 untyped intelligence modifier on it's template.

So with these three it's another +7; so without Tome/Wish stacking you have:

20+5+6+5+2+3+2 = 43, close!

Note: If the character were a sorcerer and interested in maximising Charisma then the spell Genius Avaricious could be used as well.