[RPG] Is it possible to be cured of vampirism


Let's say that Bob, after a really complicated plot, tricked a vampire lord, but get changed into a vampire during the process. Is it possible to turn back into his previous living self?

I can imagine two answers:

A) As he did it to serve a greater purpose, and is helped by a fellow cleric, he ask a powerful deity to give him his humanity back.

B) As A failed, he ask his teammates to kill him, and then cast a spell of resurrection on him.

My question is:
I) A is opinion based. But is there any lore reference to support this hypothesis?

II) Is B mechanically viable? Can you resurrect someone who has been an undead?

III) Bonus: Is there any other means to return to life when you are a vampire?

Best Answer

Being a vampire is not a curse (curse is a specific game mechanic term). He died and rose again as undead.

You can resurrect someone who was undead and then destroyed, as is clearly stated in the resurrection spell description.

Reading the rules associated with "vampire," "undead," and "resurrection" and such should answer most of your related questions.

Divine intervention is always up to the GM; this is within a deity's power in general but there's no rules for when a deity actually decides to help you outside the scope of the powers they give to clerics and whatnot.

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