[RPG] Is it possible to increase the lifespan of a Juicer


Some old friends want to try and play RIFTS again, something I haven't played for about 20 years, literally. Flipping through the pages, I came across and remembered the Juicer and decided, "Yeah, I want higher stats than pretty much everyone else." Then I remembered this as I scanned across the page:

Low Life Span: Will die after five years plus 4d6 months after conversion.

Is there a way to increase this? Something other than 'no longer being a Juicer' is preferential — but if not possible — so be it. I mean, I am sure we will all die in combat before that point, but, you'll never know…

Best Answer

You can increase the lifespan of a Juicer by no longer being a Juicer.

Further in the Juicer description, there's a set of detox rules for setting aside the Juicer drug harness. The later you delay your detox, the lower the odds that you'll succeed – and every detox attempt takes time. It's nigh-impossible to detox after year 4 of wearing the harness.

Once you've detoxed, you're hosed as a front-line fighter. Your stats are lowered to much worse than average, and you lose all of the Juicer benefits. You might be able to take up a second career as a Borg or some sort of mage, though.

If you have the oldest printing (1990), the detox rules are on pp69–70. In the fourth printing of Rifts Ultimate Edition (2010), they're on p80.

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