[RPG] Is playing an Aarakocra player character currently legal in Adventurers League


I'd like to know if playing an Aarakocra character is currently legal in the D&D 5e Adventurers League.

The Aarakocra race has been in D&D for a while, but is described in detail in 5e in the Elemental Evil Player's Companion on page 3:

This chapter presents three new races to supplement those in the Player's Handbook […] These new options are available when you make a character, provided that your DM allows them in your campaign.

Best Answer

There is no way for a starting character to be an Aarakocra or a Winged Tiefling, because the Adventurers League Player's Guide v9.1 says:

Races with flight at 1st level [...] aren’t available without specific campaign documentation (i.e., certs, etc.).

The referenced "campaign documentation" can be acquired two ways.

  1. Season 5 had a DM Quest, "King of the Ordning" that allowed a DM who ran a large portion of the seasonal content to create an Aarakocra with 6,500 XP (or do a complete rebuild of another character).
  2. Season 7 has a similar DM Quest, "Death's Master" that allowed a DM who runs a large portion of the season to create an Aarakocra or a Winged Tiefling with 6,500 XP.

No other seasons have had an equivalent DM Quest.

Season 9 has added an option for tiefling and aasimar characters to gain wings when they reach T2, but that obviously isn't an aarakocra.