[RPG] Is Shapechange useful?


Shapechange is a 9th level spell that seems to be next to useless. You can't turn into a melee creature due to the spell being concentration, causing you to drop the form. Spells/abilities can't be used as it would drop the concentration. So basically you drop your one 9th level spell to look like something cool for a few turns until you lose concentration. Am I missing something or is it really this useless?

Best Answer

Yes, Shapechange is very useful.

If you meant dropping concentration in melee as dropping it due to getting hit, then you should pick your forms more tactically. Change into something with resistance or immunity to the damage the foe is dealing.

The foes switched tactics and hit you with something else? Switch up and take another form with different resistances/immunities - without dropping the spell!

Got really spooked or really need to get around the battlefield more easily? Switch up into something that has the required movement speed or teleportation abilities.

And take note that, if your form allows you to make the required verbal/somatic components, you can cast non-Concentration spells without dropping Shapechange, as normal with all Concentration-based spells.

The power of Shapechange only goes as far as the caster's (and the player's) knowledge of creatures to transform into - and creativity. ;)

I've just noticed the "Druid" tag on this question. If Shapechange is being analyzed in the context of the Druid's other options, such as the amazing Wild Shape, then still, yes, Shapechange is very useful. It grants you more than just Beasts (and the specific Elementals, for Moon Druids), at the expense of being a 1-hour, Concentration spell. ;)

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