[RPG] Is the blinding effect of Glitterdust effective on mindless undead


We have just started a new pure Pathfinder campaign and I'm playing a Witch, one of only two arcane casters in the party (the other is a knowledge-based Bard). It looks like the campaign might involve a lot of undead, and possibly vampires, so our spellcasting effectiveness may be a bit of a problem.

I am looking for a couple of second-level spells and was considering Glitterdust, but I'm not sure how effective it will be on undead. Can you blind things like zombies and skeletons using it?

Best Answer

There's no fictional reason why the blinding effect wouldn't be effective on zombies and skeletons: they have to visually sense you somehow, and there's nothing in their descriptions that indicates that they have the power to see through barriers and obscuring effects.

Rule-wise, glitterdust doesn't make any special exceptions for undead of any kind, and there are no abilities on zombies or skeletons that would make them immune to the blinding effect, and the undead features don't include anything that interacts with glitterdust in any relevant way.

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