[RPG] Is the cost of magic arrows per each or per quiverful


Is the cost of magic arrows for a quiver of 20 or for a single arrow?

Looking at the fountainhead arrow and trying to determine if it costs 306gp per arrow or for a quiver.

Best Answer

It’s for a single arrow. Twenty arrows costs \$20\times\$ the listed price.

As a hint, notice in the cost that it notes “\$150\text{ gp}\$ (plus \$6\text{ gp}\$ for masterwork arrow),” as the cost to create the otherwise \$306\text{-gp}\$ item. \$6\text{ gp}\$ is the cost of a single masterwork arrow (\$300\text{ gp}\$ / \$50\$ since ammunition costs \$\frac{1}{50}\$ what a weapon would otherwise cost).