[RPG] Is the Good Lich template is a character template or a lich template


I'm confused a bit about the good lich template in Libris Mortis (pg. 156).

Is it a full template for character or it's a sub-template for the evil lich template (describe in Monster Manual) ?

I mean, to make a Good Lich character, does we have to apply evil lich template and after that, apply good lich template (and increase the Level Adjust to +5) ?
Or just apply good lich template (plus, of course, the undead template) and obtain a character with just +1 Level Adjust ?

Best Answer

It's a variant on Lich

Good Lich is a variant template; you alter Lich with the information found in Good Lich (and presumably remove the requirement to commit an act of 'unspeakable evil') and apply the resulting template to the character. Among other things, Good Lich increases Lich's CR and Level Adjustment, which would affect the character taking it as an option.

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