[RPG] Is the player’s level 2 Ranger overpowered


I have a ranger in the group I GM for that seems overpowered. He's a level 2 human with DEX 19 (Base 17, with the +2 Human Bonus), which gives a base +4 to hit. Factoring in his base attack bonus of +2, he gets a +6 to hit.

This seems a bit high for just a level 2 character. With rapid shot, he will get a −2, but that's still a +4 to hit (twice), and then 1d8+1 damage per hit. It seems like creatures will just fall dead quickly, especially if the cleric in the group casts bless to grant that an additional +1 to attack.

On top of that, at ranges within 30 feet he gets an additional +1 from Point Blank Shot (so +7 to hit, +8 with bless).

Does this seem correct, or am I missing something here? If so, then I can adjust the challenge rating a bit to support his massive attack bonus.

Best Answer

A barbarian could trivially have a higher attack bonus. A fighter could too, but probably won't because there are better things he can do with his feats. And both will do more damage when they do hit.

This is a perfectly average character, taking the feats that are expected of him. He's somewhat better, at this level, then some other classes might be, but 2nd level is probably his best.

In reality, any serious spellcaster could, with a little care, wipe the floor with him if that's what they wanted to do. Or, more importantly, could solve all the problems you can't solve by shooting it with a bow.

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