[RPG] Is there software which can serve as a virtual DM?


I want to play D&D but have no one to play it with. Is there a virtual DM that creates the adventure as you play? If not, is anybody good enough at programming to do it?

Best Answer

Nothing quite like that exists.

What you are talking about would be a D&D simulator, the closest thing to it might be Neverwinter, an MMO built on 4e's ruleset, but its not the same thing as playing 4e as a pen and paper game.

However there are ways to find others to game with

Discussion boards on sites like rpg.net or WOTC's 4e boards are a great place to find people to play with online. Once you find another group of players whose game and times match your desires then you can play with them over the internet using free software platforms developed for RPG gaming like roll20.net (You can also find players on roll20.net's forums).