[RPG] Is there something that can completely prevent the effects of the Hold Person spell


I have been listening through Glass Cannon, and just got through the episode where they were all hold personed and monologued at by Brandor.
I am still relatively new to Pathfinder, but I was wondering if there was an item or something that could completely prevent being affected by hold person?

I think the most I can probably do is items that boost my save but I was hoping for a more guaranteed way to prevent it.

Best Answer

Freedom of Movement

The spell freedom of movement protects the subject from magical spells and other effects that would normally prevent or impede their movement, which includes the paralyzed condition as inflicted by the spell hold person. Cast in advance, it will protect you from being the victim of such a spell.

More permanently, you could also acquire a magic item such as a ring of freedom of movement, which permanently grants the wearer the benefit of the aforementioned spell. It is a quite costly item, though, and usually beyond the means of characters at lower levels.

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