[RPG] Is there such a thing as a ranged unarmed attack


So I haven't had much time to create a character for playing D&D and thought I'd try my luck using a character generator for 4e, so I had something to tinker with before game. Mind you I am a pretty unseasoned player, so I'm still learning much about the game.

I wanted a Tiefling Bard with Virtue of Valor at Level 7. The generator gave me At Will powers as well, and for some reason I got Jinx Shot as one of the attacks. The weird thing is that this bard only had a long sword and a light shield as weapons, and for some reason the only "ranged" weapon I had was listed as Unarmed (Ranged) 1D4 to AC.

I'm inexperienced so I didn't think much of it and just thought Jinx Shot was a spell being shot out of my bardic hands. My GM was baffled though, as he understood it as Jinx Shot needs a ranged weapon to work, and he had never heard of ranged unarmed weaponry before.

My question is this, is there even such a thing as ranged unarmed? Did I just stumble on a weird configuration using the generator? A breakthrough of how and why I can/can't use Jinx Shot would be appreciated, so I can gain a better understanding.

I'm sorry if what I've told so far is too vague, I wouldn't mind editing in extra info if needed.

Best Answer

Your character can't make use of this spell unarmed

Sadly I think you've found an issue with the generator. According to a 4e wiki. Jinx Shot has the weapon keyword. The rules pertaining to that say

The weapon keyword on a power indicates that a weapon or unarmed attacking must be wielded to use the power. The power's range is equal to the reach or range of the weapon being wielded.

Because you have no ranged weapon, you have no range for the power to use either. Because of this, you cannot use use Jinx Shot unarmed unless you find some other rule, ability, or spell that grants you a ranged unarmed attack.

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