[RPG] Items to increase the number of spell slots a wizard has per day


Trying to determine if there are items aside from using the ring of spell storing, or items that simply directly increase intelligence score, that can increase a wizard's number of spell slots per day?

Best Answer

There are, but not much.

These are the two items I could remember:

  • Pearls of Power (DMG): These items let you reprepare a spent slot with the magic previously spent. It doesn't add more slots, but adds versatility so you can prepare less repeated spells and use the same spells slots more than once. Best of all, doesn't occupy a magic item slot.
  • Ring of Wizardry (DMG): The dream of every wizard apprentice that unfortunately only some masters end up grabbing one. Each of those rings are associated to a spell level, at that level, your base slots are doubled, not extra slots from high intelligence or school specialization, just the ones from the Wizard table.

Other items may improve your spell management during the day without increasing your slots directly:

  • Wands: If you use a spell frequently and if caster level or save are not important for that spell (ex: Snake Swiftness, Celerity etc), using a wand extend greatly your spell management and add versatility for you as it opens slots that you would prepare with them.
  • Staves: Same as wands but better since they use your caster level if higher and your spell save DC. If not enough, staves can have multiple similarly thematic spells on them.

All other slot increase methods I could remember came from feats (ex: Extra Slot), class choices (ex: School Specialization), prestige classes (ex: Ultimate Magus) or atribute increase (ex: Headband of Intellect).