[RPG] jump a 5-foot pit with only Strength 5


I'm playing as a half-elf sorcerer. Since my character only has 5 strength, can I take a 5-foot jump over 5-foot pit so as to avoid falling? We are playing on a grid.

Best Answer

According to the PHB page 182 you can do a long jump with a running start of 10 feet as far as your strength score, so 5 feet. A 5 feet jump should be just enough to clear a 5 feet pit, though your DM might require a successful acrobatics check.

But it doesn't really matter, the DM can overrule the rules and if you are not supposed to be able to jump over the pit in order to give your party a challenge than you cannot.

Instead of challenging the DM on the rules ask for clarifications of the rules and then play within the rule-set your DM made (Go around? Use rope? A flying spell? Have a strong PC throw you across? ...) or talk about what rule-set you can agree on.