[RPG] Kingdom Logistics for a 3.5 epic campaign


I have been writing a campaign over the last month. We have six PC's and they each have partnered up with one other person to run a kingdom. There is the 3 PC kingdoms, as well as all a few other NPC kingdoms that I am running. I already have the base stuff each kingdom starts (depending upon location) but I need help with the basic things. How much income would a mine bring in or a farm or any type of resource that holds kingdoms together. What does it cost for upkeep on this. I am trying to keep the prices fair (based on location) and I am not quite sure where to start with this.

Are there any published rulesets adaptable to D&D 3.5 that support this style that I could use?

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See Realm Management Rules That Work and What rpgs are focused on kingdom building and what sort of mechanics are used in each system? for a variety of kingdom building rulesets you can crib for your game. Like, you could graft the REIGN kingdom system on top if you were willing to do some work. Some of those answers also mention 3.5e supplements and approaches.

If you're looking to do this very extensively, my favorite (I've not played REIGN or ACKS) is the original D&D 2e system Birthright. Birthright was a complete boxed set/mini-setting all about epic realm management. Birthright has been adapted to 3/3.5e and 4e by the community and is available for free at birthright.net. It's probably the most "D&D'ey" answer.

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