[RPG] limit to the number of times you can multiclass


Is there a limit to the number of times you are able to multiclass, for example could you get 1 level in 4 different classes?

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Yes. Page 208 of PHB notes:

There are two restrictions on your choice of a class-specific multiclass feat. First, you can't take a multiclass feat for your own class. Second, once you take a multiclass feat, you can't take a class-specific feat for a different class. You can dabble in a second class, but not a third.

This is true for all classes except bard who have an explicit provision to take multiple class-specific feats:


MULTICLASS VERSATILITY You can choose class-specific multiclass feats from more than one class.

While the windrise ports background did allow multiple multiclass feats, the recent errata eliminated that option.

To address your specific confusion, there is no such thing as taking "levels" in other classes, only feats and power-swap feats. In essence, you are always your primary class (though with a multiclass feat you can take prestige paths and epic destinies and class-specific feats for your secondary class, as the feat indicates that you count as a member of that class for game purposes.)

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