[RPG] list of famous heroic characters of D&D


Edition #359 of the Dragon Magazine presented a list of notable villains (across many settings) in the article 1d20 Villains: D&D's Most Wanted; Preferably Dead. It included Strahd von Zarovich and Tiamat in the list, among others.

Was there a similar list for canonical heroic characters published by official sources? Be it one of the magazines or online articles by the Wizards of the Coast. Guys like Elminster and Mordenkainen, for example, notable characters of novels and established on the lore of the settings. No interest on non-notable, non-canon player characters.

I know that the Hall of Heroes and Heroes' Lorebook supplements exists and can be treated as such list, but they are focused on Forgotten Realms only.

Best Answer

The Rogues Gallery, published in 1980, has a list of (and stats for) characters used in some TSR campaigns back in the day.

Included are Bigby, Mordenkainen, and Tenser - probably the only names out of the 18 listed that most would recognize, and the highest level is only 16 (Mordenkainen).

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