[RPG] list of non-OGL monsters


I would like to find a list of monsters that are not OGL – like mind flayers, beholders, etc. How do you identify whether a monster is OGL or not?

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In the general case, you can't, because about 200 companies published a near infinite number of monsters for d20.

If you specifically mean "monsters in the small number of WotC monster books that have OGL content" - just the Monster Manual, Epic Level Handbook, Expanded Psionics Handbook (links go to the monster SRDs from each) - if it's not in the SRD, it's not OGL. The MM list is something like:

  • Beholder (and gauth)
  • Carrion Crawler
  • Displacer Beast
  • Umber Hulk
  • Githyanki
  • Githzerai
  • Slaad (all types)
  • Mind Flayer
  • Kuo-Toa
  • Yuan-ti (all types)

For third party supplements, the way to know is to check the OGL declaration in the book you are reading, it will say.

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