[RPG] lower limit to the size of creature a druid can wild shape into


In the last few sessions, our druid has been using the tactic of transforming into a spider or other bugs and scouting out entire floors of dungeons by slipping under doors and remaining unseen.

Is there anything RAW/RAI to prevent him from doing this, or is it considered an acceptable use?

Best Answer

Your player is perfectly justified in doing this. The Spider is a Tiny beast listed on page 44 of the DM Basic Rules (v0.3), or page 337 of the Monster Manual. It's CR 0, so the Druid is free to Wild Shape into it at any level (except 1st, obviously; they have to have Wild Shape).

It should be noted that there are a large number of things that eat spiders, and most people tend to squash them if they notice them. There's no reason orcs/goblins/kobolds/whatever would be any different. Except drow, who quite definitely won't try to squish a spider.