[RPG] magic weapon that a monk could use for unarmed strikes


I am co-DM'ing a campaign, and in our party we have a monk. Everybody has magical weapons that work with their class, but I feel the monk is a bit left out since he doesn't get any magic weapons since he is at the point where unarmed strikes do as much damage as a two-handed quarterstaff strike.

I asked the other DM if we could give him magical +1 or +2 fistwraps or knuckledusters, but he is hesitant since he worries about balance.

Our party is around level 13.

Are there any magic "weapons" that a monk could use and still be considered 'unarmed'?

Best Answer

In Hoard of the Dragon Queen, there's a magic item that gives +1 to unarmed attack and damage rolls called the "Insignia of Claws". It's not in the free downloadable supplement PDF for Rise of Tiamat, so you'd only be able to see it by buying the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure (or the D&D Beyond pack for that adventure).

But even without seeing it, it's at least evidence that there is something official out there that increases attack and damage rolls for unarmed strikes in the same way that a +1 magic weapon does, so you should be good to homebrew something similar (or just use that exact magic item).