[RPG] Making attacks through a cage-shaped Forcecage


A PC traps an enemy inside a cage-shaped Forcecage:

A prison in the shape of a cage can be up to 20 feet on a side and is made from 1/2-inch diameter bars spaced 1/2 inch apart.

How should ranged and melee attacks against this enemy be adjudicated, given the size of the gaps between the bars? Some considerations:

  • Some kind of cover should surely apply
  • Should all types of weapons be able to attack? e.g. it might be easier to attack with a piercing weapon than a bludgeoning/slashing weapon, or some weapons, like a Maul, might simply be too large to attack through the bars
  • The bars are invisible, so it's hard/impossible to work out where you should be shooting/stabbing (without giving the enemy inside very advance warning you're about to stab through that particular location), although this consideration could be negated if the group had Faerie Fire or similar anti-invisibility measures

Best Answer

Clearly, any weapon wider than a half-inch in any dimension can't reach through the bars at all. A half-inch is rather tiny; most broadhead arrows and crossbow bolts won't even fit through that. Blowgun needles and spells* are probably the only things you can get through those bars without custom designing weapons meant to fire or reach between such tiny gaps.

*and not even all spells, if they create a projectile of some sort that's more than a half-inch across; that's just approximately one and a quarter centimeters, if that's your preferred unit.