[RPG] Maneuverability category step reduction beyond Clumsy


In Pathfinder, flight maneuverability levels imply a bonus or penalty to their Fly skill when using their fly ability, according to this table

The spell Touch of Gracelessness, and I'm sure other effects, can reduce this rating by one step. So, let's say that a creature with a current rating of Clumsy (-8) is hit with this spell and fails her fort save; what happens to it?

The question, then, would be: What happens to a creature with Clumsy maneuverability when some effect tries to reduce that maneuverability further? Another -4 penalty? Nothing? Can't fly anymore?

Best Answer

The creature receives the Clumsy maneuverability

The bonus/penalty only applies to creatures that have a natural fly speed, thus they cannot be denied flying by taking this penalty. The spell does not state that they take a -4 penalty it simply states that their maneuverability gets reduced by 1 step. The skill section of the book describes the different steps below:

A creature with a natural fly speed receives a bonus (or penalty) on Fly skill checks depending on its maneuverability: Clumsy –8, Poor –4, Average +0, Good +4, Perfect +8. Creatures without a listed maneuverability rating are assumed to have average maneuverability.

Your creature does have a natural fly speed, and because the chart does not list anything worse than clumsy, you can assume that you cannot get any worse, and thus you stick with the -8 fly speed penalty.