[RPG] Mechanics of casting Bless


I'm new to D&D and most of the stuff is easily understood (though might require some time spent reading the rules). What has me flummoxed is how casting of bless works for my cleric. I can't figure out how I determine if the cast was successful. I understand the mechanics for attack spells and spells requiring saving throws. But can anyone shed some light on how I determine if the cast for Bless was successful?

Best Answer

In general, if a spell targets allies, it just succeeds if they're willing.

In the case where some mechanical element would be interfering with the spell (anti-magic or counterspell), I don't think there's an explicit mechanical way to be notified if a spell succeeds or fails.

There are no saving throws against Bless. Given that it's an entirely beneficial effect, I don't know why you would.