[RPG] mechanism to cast, as a single action, a spell with a 10 minute cast time


What methods there are to use Prayer of Healing (or similar long casts) in combat?

This question follows a comment on "Does casting a 10 minute spell really take 100 rounds of combat?"

Best Answer

There are several ways to do this.


You can cast any spell of 8th level or lower, ignoring the material requirements or the casting time duration, as one action.

Glyph Of Warding

This also doesn't use up one action, but again on the same lines.

Glyph is a 3rd level spell that has a spell glyph mode. You cast this spell and another spell of the same level, which must be harmful to the one that triggered it. Similar to Contingency, you set a trigger for it, and it happens on the first trigger. The extra restriction is you must cast it over a surface (a wall, floor, etc) or an object that can be closed (a book). If cast on an object, that object cannot be moved more than 10 feet from the point of casting. If moved, the spell is broken without triggering. If the spell requires concentration, it lasts for the full duration without requiring concentration.

For every level cast higher than 3rd, you can also prepare a spell one level higher.

Invalid Answers

  1. Ring of Spell Storing - This does not change the cast time of spells. The details can be found in the accepted answer to this question.
  2. Contingency - You can only make contingent spells with a 1 action cast time