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I am running an episodic megadungeon using Pathfinder rules, with XP only for found treasure (1 GP = 1XP). Now, I know to restock my dungeon after the PCs traveled an area. I have a restocking system in place, I think it is from Moldvay. Basically, rolling a d20 to see what happens. From 1-13 nothing is restocked in a room. 14-16: monster only. 17-19: monster and treasure. 20: treasure only. My question is:

How often do I roll to restock?

Is there a guideline somewhere for this? Immediately after every foray into an area? Once per session on all explored areas in the dungeon?
Or only once per visit of the PCs? Right now I found that my restocking results are pretty oppressive, as in: Lots of new monsters and treasure in cleared areas, which is something I want to avoid.

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The only system I've seen which directly addresses this question is ACKS, which is a B/X neoclone, so it should fall under the "osr" tag. This is covered in the SRD in Chapter 7: Campaigns under the heading "Populating a Dungeon", or on page 141 of the published core rulebook. (While the specific context of that section is determining what monsters move in to a dungeon constructed by a magic-using PC, the author has confirmed on the ACKS forum that it also applies to "wild" dungeons.)

In summary, the method is:

  • Determine whether the dungeon is located in a Civilized, Borderlands, or Wilderness region. In ACKS, anywhere within 50 miles of a city or large town is considered Civilized, the next 25 miles out is Borderlands, and anything beyond 75 miles from the nearest city or large town is Wilderness.

  • Periodically make wilderness random encounter checks for the dungeon itself. These checks should be made once per month in Civilized areas, weekly in Borderlands, and daily in Wilderness.

  • If a wandering monster is encountered (i.e., visits the dungeon), roll against the monster's % in Lair chance. An "in lair" result indicates that it takes up residence in the dungeon.

  • When 1/3 of the rooms in the dungeon are occupied, the dungeon is "full" and any further new arrivals will displace existing occupants (killing, evicting, or enslaving them) and take their place.

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