[RPG] Metaplot of Vampire: The Masquerade V20


The 20th Anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade is, with respect to the rules, almost the same as the (revised) second edition of the game (see the answer here: What are the major changes made to Vampire: The Masquerade for its 20th Anniversary edition?).

But where does the metaplot of V:TM V20 stand? I mean, is it possible to say, that the metaplot of V20 is the same as the metaplot of V:TM after book X? Or are there some major changes, so that it does not fit in into the original metaplot?

Best Answer

The metaplot has been rolled back to a state somewhere between that of Second Edition and that of Revised. The Gangrel are a Camarilla clan; the Ravnos have not been devastated; Gehenna is still somewhere off in the distance. However, the Malkavian clan description shows them with Dementation as their third discipline and the Tremere antitribu have vanished. Many of the "possible futures" are detailed in sidebars, so you can see where the metaplot had gone in the past, but with no obligation to follow it.