[RPG] Methods of Early Entry for Evangelist in Pathfinder


So, I am in a rather complex build, and I'd like to be able to enter the Evangelist PrC at ECL 4. Current build is thus:

Graveknight 2 (template CR is being treated as class levels in this game)/Swashbuckler 11 // Fiery Creature 1 (also template)/Dread x/Evangelist

Starting ECL for the game is 13, and I'd like to hit the 3rd level boons from Evangelist by the start for major roleplay/character history reasons. This means I have to get into Evangelist no later than ECL 4.

There are three entry methods on the flexible part of the class, of which I have to meet at least one:

  1. BAB +5

  2. 5 ranks in any skill that's not Knowledge (Religion).

  3. Ability to cast 3rd lvl spells (in this game, psionics count too).

Now, I had a viable build, but the DM ruled that SLAs and PLAs do not count for the entry (although Pathfinder's Development Team did rule that they do count in June of 2013). DM has also ruled it cannot be directly from an item (such as Prayer Beads of Healing).

So, is there a way I can make this build work with early entry?

Best Answer

Evangelist is quite obviously designed so you can't get it before lvl 5. For this reason my first advice is: don't do it.

If you really want to do it, here are a few methods, more or less sorted from the most legit one to the worst:

  • Write your background as if you had your Evangelist levels sooner than what the rules states. The DM will probably accept it as it doesn't change the state of your character during the actual game.

(here start the options I don't recommend)

  • Use negative templates, like young or Vampire Spawn, Repeatedly Drained so you can take more class levels in parallel.

  • Have a Bard buddy who inspire greatness on you, so you are considered more HD than you should, and can temporarily get more ranks for example with a headband of mental superiority.

  • Hope your DM doesn't know about this errata and cheat with retraining to get what you want.

  • Convince somehow your DM to let you get mythic ranks instead of levels (you can already take templates so it could be possible). Get one level in Magus(Mindblade) and one mythic tier in Archmage. Select Arcane Surge as an Archmage arcana:

As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to cast any one arcane spell without expending a prepared spell or spell slot. If you prepare spells, this spell must be one you prepared today (even if you have already cast it); if you’re a spontaneous caster, this spell must be one of your spells known.(...)

Then write some 3rd-level spells into your Magus' spellbook. Due to the way the Mindblade archetype is worded the spellbook feature of the Magus still exists. You don't get 3rd slots but that's not a problem: because of the Arcane Surge wording you only need to know it (and spend a mythic point) to cast it.

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