[RPG] multiclass for the Ranger that improves the spellcasting and armor proficiencies


I started as a Ranger, and I'm almost to 3rd level. I am interested in multiclassing to add thematic and mechanical advantages, such as improved spellcasting and better armor proficiencies. Is there a class I can multiclass into which provides these things, and to which a Ranger foundation would be advantageous?

Best Answer

Rogue is a great multiclass for pretty much any base class, but (IMO) especially Ranger. It's a great thematic fit (both rogues and rangers are sneaky, agile, and tend to use finesse or ranged weapons), and you get a few incredibly strong benefits at very early levels:

Level 1

Expertise gives you double proficiency in two skills, which is unbelievably strong. This will let you become (for example) an even better tracker, or extra super sneaky, or an absolute master of nature lore. Additionally, just for multiclassing you get one additional skill from the thief list (which is extensive).

You also unlock sneak attack, which is a hefty damage boost (an extra 1d6 per round is nothing to sneeze at).

Level 2

Level 2 unlocks cunning action, which allows you to dash, disengage, or hide as a bonus action. This is a ridiculous buff to your action economy - being able to disengage or dash in while still spending your action to attack is extremely powerful. This also unlocks the dash-disengage combo, which allows you to cover double distance in one turn without provoking opportunity attacks. Hiding as a bonus action is also the key to a stealthy archer playstyle - you take a shot, move to cover, and Hide as a bonus action.

Level 3

At level 3 your sneak attack damage increases to 2d6 and you unlock a roguish archetype. You could go Assassin, which gives you advantage on attacks against creatures that haven't taken a turn yet and automatic crits (!!) against surprised enemies. You could also go for Arcane Trickster, which gives you additional cantrips and spells from a different spell list, as well as additional spell slots (make sure to check out multiclassing spell slot rules in Ch 6). Arcane Tricksters also get a sexy upgraded mage hand that can do crazy things.