[RPG] My DM is the roommate and not a good DM… help


My roommate is currently running a Final Fantasy X campaign, and my fiancée and I are both in it, along with his wife and two other friends. So far, this DM has:

  • Railroaded both my and my fiancée's characters into his plot by burning down my character's house and garden and sticking my fiancée with an annoying NPC that just pesters him into the plot.
  • Shown obvious favoritism to his wife, focusing only on her character's plot and development, not allowing anything truly detrimental happen to her, and only having her attacks actually do any lasting damage.
  • Ignored any and all Stat numbers that we have written. One character with the highest defense was almost knocked unconscious by a single punch.
  • His NPC's tend to take over every situation and get more attention than the player characters. We once listened to a five minute conversation between two NPCS that had no relevance to the plot whatsoever, and whenever one is in the party, they outshine the PCS in every way.

My fiancée, a DM with over six years of experience, has talked to him about what he could improve on as a DM (and he asked for my fiancée's feedback), but he seems to have not listened to it whatsoever.

So my question is: with him being my roommate we want to keep all of this as civil as possible. But with each session of putting up with this bull it is getting harder and harder. How should we handle this situation?

Best Answer

It sounds like you already know the answer to your question. :)

Leave the game. Life's too short.

The only reason you need should be "we're not having fun in this game". If you really don't feel comfortable saying that, I've seen players quit games with excuses like "it's summer and we want to be outside more" or "we have a scheduling conflict".