[RPG] My necromancer keeps dying (and can’t raise himself)!


Sometimes in the course of running an adventure you will run into an encounter that calls for a summoner to bring on a horde of undead (often minions).

I have a simple problem: My summoners die in the first round or two, sometimes before they even manage to get a turn.

Even if there are other monsters in the room prepared to defend the summoner, they are often ignored in favor of focused fire on the summoner, who is either killed before having a chance to act or after just a turn of action.

How can I support my summoners in a way that they actually get a chance to summon?

Best Answer

Be Prepared

If the party makes a bunch of noise on the way in, the summoning should be completed just as they arive. To get this effect, simply have an encounter outside the necromancer's room - plenty of warning.

Cover / Line of Sight

The necromancer should have easy access to cover, and the other monsters should provide barriers to line-of-sight.


If you're not opposed to adding powers to your elites/bosses, consider two types: defensive and healing.

A minor action to go invisible until next attack works well. Nothing like a -5 modifier to convince the party not waste daily/encounter powers on the boss.

Likewise, allowing the necromancer to banish a minion to provide temporary HP also works well - this way you get the benefit of the ignored monster transferred directly to the necromancer.

Snilvor, Goblin Emissaryddi (In the DM's Kit adventure)

Triggered Actions

"Die For Me" At-Will

Trigger: A minion ally within Snilvor’s line of sight drops to 0 hit points.

Effect (No Action): Snilvor gains 5 temporary hit points.