[RPG] n online interactive character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons 4E


Is there an interactive web-based character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons 4E like there is for Gamma World? I'm not looking for a character builder.

Mod note: Several of these answers refer to services which no longer exist (or have moved), but as we no longer accept this question type they will not be fixed and are kept up primarily for archival reasons.

Best Answer

The only one I am aware of is the Character Builder. Though you do have to be a Dungeons and Dragons Insider Subscriber to use it.

It's browser-based and runs in Microsoft Silverlight (it doesn't work in Linux with Moonlight. Sigh).

On a side note, if you do use the Character Builder, you can upload that info to http://iplay4e.appspot.com and use it to dynamically keep track of your character.

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