[RPG] ny resource for side quests with which to fill out one’s campaign?


Earlier I was helping to make a list of side quest ideas. Nothing like "defeat Arthur and obtain Excalibur." More like "rescue damsel in distress." Really simple stuff which is more like side quest categories, actually.

Is there a list online for generic side quests? Not looking for specifics – more interested in broad and vague ideas I can make the specifics for.

Rephrased: Is there anywhere that lists basic types/categories of sidequests? The more comprehensive the better.

Slightly related to this question.

Best Answer

I haven't found a generator there that exactly matches your needs, but you should look at Abulafia.

Abulafia is a User-Extensible Random Generation Site
Abulafia is a collection of user-contributed random generators housed within a special kind of wiki. That means you can use the pages here to get interesting random names, treasure, plots, and anything else you need. If you think the results could use a little more imagination, click the 'edit' tab at the top of the page and add a few more choices to the mix (keep with the format you see in the edit box & you'll be fine). Refresh a page for more results.

Being a wiki, you could even make a new page for a Side Quest Generatator that generates imperative phrases as in your example, using the site's existing item lists to fill the blanks.