[RPG] ny spell to bring back a disintegrated character


In our latest session, one of our PCs got hit by a Disintegrate ray from an Undead Beholder. This dealt the exact damage needed, and so his character got disintegrated. Naturally, we are all sad that we lost a party member, but on top of that, my character was also in love with said PC, and, now heartbroken, will go to the edges of the earth to bring the PC back.

I'm aware of multiple spells that bring back characters from the dead (Revivify, True Resurrection, etc.); however, they all require either a body, or a part of the body.

Is there a spell that can bring back a disintegrated character? Or do I have to consult the DM for other options?

My character is a level 4 Druid; however, any spells will suffice, since I am willing to pay other people to cast the spell for me.

Best Answer

True Resurrection works

You mention that you have nothing of the body left. Well, that's not entirely true because you still have ashes, which most DMs would rule as being 'part of the body of the original character'.

But even if that wasn't the case, you can still use true resurrection on them.

The spell can even provide a new body if the original no longer exists, in which case you must speak the creature's name. The creature then appears in an unoccupied space you choose within 10 feet of you.

Simply casting resurrection might not do the trick. It says it will 'restore any missing body parts', so perhaps your DM will be generous and say that if you bring some ash from the creature, everything else classifies as 'a missing body part', but true resurrection should work regardless of what you do or do not classify disintegrated ash as.