[RPG] ny way for a Medium PC to wield a 2-handed sword in one hand


I have a player in my game that has chosen to wield a Greatsword, a 2-handed weapon. As a Fighter, this is within the rules. However, he has asked if he can wield it 1-handed by somehow giving it the Versatile property.

He's fine having to wield it two-handed if need be for now, but he's interested in knowing if he can wield it one-handed later. He doesn't want it for the Duelling or Dual Wielding feats — just "rule of cool" reasons.

RAW, is there any way this can be achieved? Either now, or through character advancement?

Best Answer

RAW, no, a two-handed weapon can not be wielded one-handed

However, if he does not want Dueling or Dual Wielding benefits, and he is ok with keeping the other hand empty for "balancing", I see no problem allowing it.

At that point it has no influence on game mechanics, it is just aesthetics.