[RPG] ny way to be healed by energy (fire) damage


Pretty much what the title says. Is there any published content (or combination thereof), whether a class feature, spell, feat, racial trait, magic item or whatever that would let a character by healed instead when taking elemental damage? I'm mostly interested in Fire damage, but if it's only possible with some other element that's also fine.

This needs to be for a player character. I know there's some monsters that can do it, but they're not playable.

Best Answer

The Dragon Masks from the Rise of Tiamat Supplement

The Rise of Tiamat Supplement contains notes on several legendary magic Dragon Masks, one for each color of chromatic dragon. All masks share the same relevant property:

Damage Absorption. You have resistance against the mask’s damage type. If you already have resistance to that damage type from another source, you instead have immunity to that damage type. If you already have immunity to that damage type from another source, whenever you are subjected to damage of that type, you take none of that damage and regain a number of hit points equal to half the damage dealt of that type.

If you somehow gain immunity to fire damage and attune to the Red Dragon mask (which is associated with fire), you will take no fire damage and instead be healed for half of the fire damage that would have been dealt.