[RPG] ny way to decrease the chance of never being able to cast Wish again


When used in ways beyond the standard outlined uses, wish carries a risk of stress:

Finally, there is a 33 percent chance that you are unable to cast wish ever again if you suffer this stress.

Assume here that a DM would resolve this using a d100 roll.

Are there any features/abilities in the game that can work to reduce the chance of this happening (either by modifying the roll or by some other method) when using wish in this way?

Best Answer

Make a Simulacrum, have them cast Wish instead

The material costs for a Simulacrum are only an arbitrary quantity of snow and hair/fingernail clippings, along with 1,500gp of Ruby dust. Wish itself is capable of generating an object worth at least 25,000gp, meaning it can generate 25,000gp worth of Ruby Dust (or a 25,000gp Ruby that can then be smashed into dust).

Meanwhile, Simulacra are required to obey their creators, both in actions and intent:

The simulacrum is friendly to you and creatures you designate. It obeys your spoken commands, moving and acting in accordance with your wishes and acting on your turn in combat. The simulacrum lacks the ability to learn or become more powerful, so it never increases its level or other abilities, nor can it regain expended spell slots.

So you sequence things like this:

  1. Acquire 1,500gp worth of Ruby Dust legitimately
  2. Create your Simulacrum (casting time: 12 hours)
  3. Have your Simulacrum wish for a 25,000gp ruby, smash the Ruby into dust (or wish for 25,000gp worth of Ruby Dust, if that doesn't violate the "one object" rule on Wish)
  4. The next day, (perhaps with your Simulacrum's help?) assemble the next Simulacrum, and create the new one (casting time: 12 hours)
  5. Have this Simulacrum wish for whatever it is that you actually wanted to Wish for
  6. Repeat 4-5 until you run low on Ruby Dust, then return to step 2

Using this process, only your Simulacra will risk losing the ability to cast Wish, while you, the original caster in full control of these Simulacra, will never need to risk your own use of the spell.

Disclaimer: DMs reserve the right to make Simulacra used in this manner revolt and turn against their creators. This may happen even though the explicit rules written by WotC expressly forbids them from doing this. I claim no responsibility for any "Fighting my Evil Clone!" Campaigns that get sprung forth by this obvious abuse of game mechanics.

Adventurer's League does not permit this.

The FAQ for Adventurer's League play is rather explicit about this exact combo:

You Are You; and So Is He. If a simulacrum you have created casts wish, both you and your simulacrum suffer the stress associated with casting the spell—including the risk of being forever unable to cast wish again. The inability to cast wish extends to any simulacrum you create in the future.

So this combo is not permitted in AL play.