[RPG] ny way to list all Evil spells


I am currently creating an endgame Pathfinder Lich, and creating its prepared spells. One of its abilities, granted by the Maleficium Feat, increases the save DC of Evil spells by 4 as well as decreasing the level advencement of metamagic feats by 1 (min of +1).

However, on the D20 site, the Paizo site and even in the RULE BOOKS, they don't have any options to search for spells by alignment (or site specific pages in the case of the books). So, how can I find the full list of Pathfinder evil spells? Hopefully, other than sitting down and clicking through every spell in the full list?

Best Answer

D20PFSRD has an Advanced Spell Search, that lets you filter by a number of criteria. One of those is spell descriptor, which is where the Evil tag can be found.

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