[RPG] ny way to make a PC obtain the Forsaker Prestige class at 2nd level


The forsaker requires 3 feats:

  • Great Fortitude

  • Lightning Reflexes

  • Iron Will

Is there a way to obtain all those 3 feats at level 1 so I can become a forsaker at level 2?

If not, what is the minimal level a PC can obtain the forsaker class?

Best Answer

To get all 3 feats at level 1, use some combination of the following:

  • Human or Strongheart Halfling - 1 extra feat
  • Dwarf domain - Great Fortitude feat
  • Drow domain - Lightning Reflexes feat
  • A quick stay in the Otyugh Hole - Iron Will feat
  • Taking 1 or 2 flaws - 1 or 2 extra feats
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