[RPG] ny way to reduce Metapsionic Costs


I Already know of the Torc of Power Preservation and Earth Power and Metapower.
If it Matters the Character in Question(Though it isnt made yet.) is Level 10, has a Flaw which means he has 5 open feats. 6 if I decide he needs to be Human. Im leaning Twoard a natually Psionic Race however.

Are there any other Metapsionic Reducing Options besides those or am I stuck with them?

Best Answer

Dominant Ideal

Mind’s Eye

The Dominant Ideal ACF for Ardents reduces the Metapsionic cost by 2 PP, and eliminates the need to expend Psionic Focus, when manifesting powers from the chosen Mantle. This is extremely powerful, especially with the Mantle Substitution options also suggested in that article.

Midnight Augmentation

Magic of Incarnum

Doesn’t directly affect Metapsionic costs, but reduces Augmentation costs which will usually amount to the same thing.

Also See: Psionic Tricks Handbook

On Minmax Boards.

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