[RPG] one-word replacement for resistance to magic


Is there a one-word term that's understood by role-playing gamers to mean resistance to magical attacks, in the same way that many role-playing gamers would quickly recognize armor to mean resistance to physical attacks?

I'm developing a basic MMORPG, using armor as the term for resistance to physical attacks. I was using shield as the term for resistance to magical attacks, but now that I've added to the game actual shields, I need a different yet accessible term.

Is there a simple and, preferably, one-word phrase that role-playing gamers commonly use for a magic resistance attribute?

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Best Answer

Resistance is a perfectly fine word by itself, so long as you do not end up with other types of resistance (energy resistance, for instance).

Willpower would work if your magic is primarily mental, though it's not ideal when better willpower helps you resist explosions.

Warding/Wards would work. It implies a physical object doing the protecting, but then so does Armor.

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