[RPG] Open Game License (OGL) or similar life-path system out there


I've decided to try and "build" a system of my own, and I've decided to make it a "life path" system but I don't really want to start from absolute scratch, but thus far I've haven't found any open game/ game engine (open so that I don't infringe on anybody's work) which is life path based.

If it's more math heavy it would be no problem, the clearer the math is and the less swingy the better for me in the design stage I think.

As an aside I've seen the d20 life path alternative rules and I'm looking for something with more involvement in the game engine (for example there is one table pretty uninspiring/straightforward which gives bonuses to the attributes while another table which has interesting options like born under the influence of demonic beings which lead to no concrete effect.)

As a final aside I would also like to release my system/engine under a open license as well that's why an OGL/etc base to work with would be the best for me.

Best Answer

It's a touch more work — and not easily summarized in this text box — but the Drama-focused version of the Cortex Plus system (as seen in games like Smallville) features a lifepath-based character creation system that takes a PC from childhood all the way to playability. Each step adds assets and resources along the way, and forges connections between the other PCs and any signature NPCs you come up with. Lastly, Cortex Plus does have a license structure — both commercial and non-commercial — under which you can release your game.

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