[RPG] Pathfinder teleport spell to send an enethe some distance away


From what I can tell, Teleport, Dimension Door, Teleport Object and the like only work on willing allies or unattended objects.

Is there a spell to spend a standard action and send an opponent some distance away, if the opponent failed a save? (Besides Wish).

I have a distant memory of something like this, but it might have been third party for dnd-3.5e. I'm looking for Pathfinder material with this question.

Dismissal has this effect for one Type of creature (outsider) in one Special Circumstance (not on its home plane). I can't remember if the spell I'm thinking of was typed similarly or not.

EDIT Dismissal and the excellent suggestion of Plane Shift are not really what I'm looking for with this question. I'm picturing a situation where the wizard wants to send a rogue out of his tower, not exile her to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Dismissal won't work on a rogue on her native plane.

Barrier spells are not what I'm looking for here. The wizard wants the rogue gone, not delayed.

I'm familiar with Teleportation Circle. That's also not what I'm talking about here. I'm not talking about "The wizard spends ten minutes casting a spell to send an opponent away." I'm talking about "The wizard spends a standard action and makes a touch attack; if that succeeds, and if the opponent fails his Will save, he's removed to Someplace Else." My distant memory of this is that Someplace Else is not defined, and it is also not fatal to the target.

This spell does not send the opponent into a prison. That spell is called Imprisonment and requires a touch attack, a will save, has a long duration and is Ninth level. Alternatively there's Temporal Stasis that (like what I'm thinking of) removes the opponent from being a threat. Temporal Stasis does not remove the opponent from the wizard's presence.

Best Answer

Plane Shift (Clr5/Wiz7) can be used offensively. The "willing" clause only applies if you want to transport more than one creature.

Ice Crystal Teleport (Wiz6) also works.

The 3.5e option you remember might have been Trobriand's Baleful Teleport (Wiz6, sourcebook: Waterdeep), which is simply "Teleport, for unwilling targets". Or for very short distances, Dimension Hop (Wiz2/Duskblade2, sourcebook: PHB2).