[RPG] PCs want to hire help for fighting a dragon. Will it cheapen the fight if I let them?


One of my PCs for Lost Mine of Phandelver wants to hire help to kill the dragon. Is this cheapening the fight?

The group hired two guards to help kill the nothic. I want to know if they should be able to just get help if they are scared about fighting the dragon.

Best Answer

Given how dangerous a young dragon's breath attack can be to low level players, I think you should let them do it.

If anything having a couple of cannon fodder NPCs can help liven up the experience should they get blown away.

Make sure they require a considerable sum of money to be hired for such a dangerous task. If they survive, then they might covet some of the items in Venomfang's lair, which could create some strife within the party as well.

In D&D you should let your players take whatever approach they want, you just need to make sure there are trade-offs to doing so.