[RPG] Permanent Enchanted Items in Dresden Files


Alright, I got into an argument with one of my players about his armor. He has a character with 5 lore and his Thaumaturgy bonus is to strength. He says that somewhere in the book Your Story he found that he could half his rating (6) and make his coat into armor 3. That we have found, but then he says that he can make it permanent by halving the total again, for an armor 1 that is always on. We cannot find that part, and for the time being I have allowed it, but I was wondering if someone could point me to the page that this is found on, or tell me if this is just bull.

Best Answer

There was apparently a change in the enchanted items rules between the printing of the books and the early access PDFs that were sent out. The original always-on rule appears in the early access PDF, but not in the printed Your Story rulebook for Dresden Files RPG.

So all of the below from my original answer may be completely ignored if you so choose.

From those PDFs, on page 279 of Your Story -

The uses-per-session limitation may be removed by halving the base strength, rounded down; so if you have Good (+3) Lore, you could create a one-use-per-session item with an effect strength of Good (+3), or an always-on item with an effect strength of Average (+1).

Combining this with the block effect used as armor rule on page 252 that you reference, that would make it a 6 point block spell, halved to be converted to an Armor:3 usable spell effect, and halved again to make an Armor:1 always-on.

This is basically a copy of Harry Dresden's leather coat, which is actually an example listed on page 303.

Harry’s Duster Susan Rodriguez gave Harry his leather duster. He stitched arcane patterns into the tough material, weaving defensive spells into the coat. It doesn’t offer much armor, but it is very light. Spell provided: At the time he crafts this (after his first few casefiles), Harry’s Lore is effectively Great (+4), halved to make it alwayson, for 2 shifts of effect, halved again to act as Armor:1. Uses one enchanted item slot.

In the printed official rulebook, there are several ways to increase the number of uses per session for any individual item - decreasing it's strength by one provides one additional use, using another enchanted item slot provides two additional uses, and the effect can always be triggered again by taking one point of mental stress. However, the always-on effect rule has been removed.

The section does note that defensive items simply consume a use at time of defense rather than requiring an action to activate, so your player may well be able to work with that once he figures out how to invest in the item.

As well, the Duster example has been changed to an Armor:2 usable effect example, with additional uses (3/session) provided by using an additional item slot.