[RPG] pick the Produce Flame spell with the Spell Sniper feat


Produce Flame (Player's Handbook, p. 269) creates a small, persistent flame that grants vision and can, optionally, be thrown at someone to make an attack.

The Spell Sniper feat (p. 170), in addition to making spell attacks more accurate, allows the character to learn a cantrip that "requires an attack roll."

By RAW, can I pick Produce Flame with the Spell Sniper feat, or does it not require an attack roll?

Best Answer

I would allow it, but since as you say, Produce Flame does not in fact "require" the attack roll, I would say RAW you could not choose it.

RAI, I think it works -- if you want to attack with Produce Flame you make an attack roll rather than having the target make a save (or just get auto-hit, as with Magic Missile). So RAI, since Produce Flame is one of the type of spells that Spell Sniper works well with, I think it's a valid choice.

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