[RPG] play Blades in the Dark with a larger group


I want to play an introductory session of Blades in the Dark with a group of six people, and I'd prefer not to split them into two parties. However, the rulebook mentions party size from two to four, not more:


  • Players: two to four. Plus one Game Master.

Is it possible to play Blades in the Dark with a larger group? What problems should I expect? Answers with evidence from actual experience would be preferable.

This is my first attempt to play Blades as the GM (although I have experience with other PbtA games).

Best Answer

I'm playing in a long term Blades campaign with 5 players.

There really isn't any change required beyond the normal adaptation any GM does on the fly for their game, like upping the clocks a bit for the hyper competent. We end up pushing high stress just like always, and when we don't, we risk overindulgence in the vice rolls that having a trauma in the first place pushes you into, so you still feel the need to "roll hard". Plus those sweet desperate rolls that get you XP motivate all of those people to incur risk, not use their numbers to eliminate it.

The up side is that more people means more folks have the freedom to spend their downtime on "their own" schemes without feeling like they're ripping off the team by not being a hivemind all the time. Once I've healed or reduced stress, my second action doesn't always have to be heat removal or whatnot, I can actually get some new rituals made, or go join an Eyes Wide Shut style cult, or whatever.